The Wymondham – Dereham line is a heritage railway operated by the Mid‑Norfolk Railway, which intends to provide a public transport service from Dereham to Norwich by way of its current Wymondham Abbey terminus, Wymondham station (National Rail National Rail symbol) and Network Rail’s Breckland Line.

The Mid-Norfolk Railway was established as a multi-functional line, with an intention to operate a community service in addition to tourist and freight services. The railway has also stated their belief that a commuter service between Dereham and Norwich remains a viable proposition, with the MNR either running the service themselves or working with an existing train operator. One obstacle on the MNR to running such services is the requirement to operate five manual gated level crossings between Dereham and Wymondham, although level crossing automation is a possibility in the future.

Source: Mid-Norfolk Railway – Wikipedia
Mid-Norfolk Railway submitted a proposal to the Department for Transport Restoring Your Railway Fund, seeking funding in order to progress its business case. The submission was unsuccessful.
Mid-Norfolk Railway route map | Source: Wikipedia

Mid-Norfolk Railway route map | Source: Wikipedia (view).
Location of Wymondham Abbey and Wymondham stations shown on OpenStreetMap

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Mid-Norfolk Railway: current stations

Wymondham Abbey

Kimberley Park

Hardingham (no public access)




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Proposed extension to Fakenham

Beyond Dereham the Mid-Norfolk Railway track extends through North Elmham, where the former station building is in private ownership, to County School station, owned by Norfolk County Council.

Mid-Norfolk Railway has ambitions to extend its heritage services from Dereham to County School and onwards to Fakenham via Ryburgh, where the station has been demolished. The site has been bought and repurposed by Crisp Malt.

Norfolk Orbital Railway, promoted by the Melton Constable Trust
Land for a new formation between County School and Fakenham is being acquired by Melton Constable Trust, the promoter of the Norfolk Orbital Railway.

Norfolk Orbital Railway – Reopen entry

Melton Constable Trust has acquired land close to the site of the former Fakenham West station and now owns the formation south of the former Fakenham East station across the course of the Midland and Great Northern Junction (bridge 1715) as far as the ’three brick arches’ (bridge 1714) over the River Wensum.

Location of former Fakenham East and Fakenham West stations, and proposed Fakenham station

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