The Department for Transport (DfT) published a Strategic Outline Business Case in November 2017 for a new railway station in the south of Cambridge, serving the internationally significant Cambridge Biomedical Campus and Southern Fringe development areas of Cambridge.

The new station would connect the Cambridge Biomedical Campus with potential destinations such as central London, London Stansted Airport, Ely, Birmingham and Europe.

The station would also provide access to a growing area of high-quality employment and also help relieve congestion in the local area by supporting the development of environmentally sustainable transport in Cambridge. In the future, East West Rail services from Bedford to Cambridge could serve the new station.

Following the first round of consultation earlier in 2020, Network Rail identified and selected the preferred location of the proposed Cambridge South new railway station in June 2020. The chosen location corresponds with Option 1 (Northern station location) presented at the public consultation events held in January 2020.

The new station is proposed to be located adjacent to the Guided Busway (Addenbrook’s bridge) and will provide a new transport choice available to patients, visitors and employees when travelling to and from the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The station will also provide direct access to a range of potential routes on the rail network for those in South Cambridgeshire and better connections across the southern fringe of the city.

Source: Cambridge South station, on Network Rail website.
Location of Cambridge South station

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